Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moody PTA Meeting Recap

A group of Moody parents and grandparents from NEAT's new Schools Committee attended the school's first PTA on Tuesday night. We found many opportunities for Moody families to be involved, including baking something for the election day bake sale and volunteering at the fall book fair in October. Volunteer shifts can be as short as two hours and if there is interest, NEAT School's Committee could organize a group to do it together. The PTA is working hard to make sure Moody students can go on field trips, have extra supplies in the classroom, and some extra activities to make the year more fun. It would be great for us to help out in anyway we can.

Parents also brought up concerns about the lack of communication about the new lunch policy and no introduction letter from the new principal. Moody parents should expect two letters home addressing these things very soon.

We have also heard many different concerns about the buses. NEAT has requested a copy of the district bus policy and will have it available on this blog and at our office. If you have concerns, please look at the policy. We can discuss any further concerns at the Schools Committee meetings, the first Wednesday of each month.

Thanks to those people who came to the meeting. It was great representation from the North End.

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