Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hiking Trip Part 2

The mountain we climbed was Mt Monadnock, which is, according to Bill Warner, the second most climbed mountain in the country. It was a very challenging climb and some of us felt the accomplishment for many days...with both mind and body receiving benefits. No moose sightings this year but Izzi, Rachel, and Katya's cooking sure tasted good when we got back to the AMC lodge. Outhouse humor was in full force and in keeping with the traditions of the NEAT Hiking Club. Wisely NEAT staff withheld the details of plumbing deficits from Shaniece, hoping to surprise her with the excitement of her first outhouse experience until arrival at the lodge. Shawn forgot to share that he was the first to take the polar plunge. His example set the bar for the rest of the, not to be outdone, North End thrill seekers including a relay team that would make Michael Phelps proud.

The NEAT Hiking Club is paid for a grant from the Middlesex County Substance Abuse Prevention Council. Many thanks for their continued support.

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