Thursday, September 4, 2008

Amazing Grace Food Pantry needs your help

The supply of food at Amazing Grace is very, very low. Late summer is always difficult at the pantry, but the situation this year is dire.

Kathleen Kelly, coordinator at Amazing Grace, is buying many cases of food at local grocery stores just to keep a cross section of nutritious items on the shelves for our shoppers. And she tells us that many more people are coming in asking for help – most talking about how hard they are working trying to make ends meet.

We appreciate all you do to keep the shelves stocked, but if you are able to help out with these specific items, it would be greatly appreciated. Please pass this appeal on to others who might be willing to donate, or distribute it through your e-mail or print networks – friends, co-workers, faith communities, clubs, etc.

Here is what is most in need:
SOUP & PASTA SAUCE top the list
CANNED BEANS (any kind except baked beans)
CEREAL (any kind except Corn Flakes)
PASTA (any kind except elbows)
SIDE DISHES (boxed potatoes, hamburger helper, rice dishes, etc.)
at the bottom of the list is BAKING MIXES (cakes, brownies, etc.)

The usual drop-off times are noon - 4pm, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - at the pantry, 139 Main St. Ext., Middletown. Volunteers are often at Amazing Grace at other times, so call 860-347-3222 if you need to arrange another drop-off time.

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