Sunday, September 21, 2008

MHS Voting Reforendum: Sept 23

A message for MHS PTA Co-President Yvette Henley
Just in case you haven’t heard, voting on an MHS referendum will be held on Tuesday, September 23. Passage of this referendum is absolutely critical to the success of the high school construction project and our city, overall. Passage has NO IMPACT on taxpayers. The increase in the project cost ceiling is needed to allow for over $1.3M in grants awarded to the project by the CT Clean Energy Fund and CT Innovations (Fuel Cell) and state legislature (Area of Assembly Generator) to be spent. Passage also changes the bond language to allow for other potential grants to be accepted. At present, these additional funds can not increase the bonding for the project and, therefore, will result in work to stop on demolition of Woodrow Wilson Middle School and construction of the new high school athletic fields. Again, a yes vote will not change the cost to taxpayers.
Unfortunately, there is currently misinformation, confusion and apathy related to this referendum. Parents of children in the school system need to understand the importance of participating in this vote on Sept 23. Voting will be held at Moody School , City Hall and South Fire from 12 to 8pm.

Dist. 1 MacDonough School will vote at City Hall, 245 deKoven Drive.

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