Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring into the Arts at Green Street

Keep Minds And Bodies Active this Season!

Spring is the season of growth and beginnings, and Green Street is providing many opportunities to plant the seed of inspiration! With new class session starting on Monday, February 21, now is the time to break out of comfort zones to try something new. Transform stick figures into masterful oil paintings, evolve from "the Robot" and "the Macarena" to more complex dance moves, or learn how to shed some convincing tears in an acting class. If you have little ones at home, get silly with them in a Wiggle Worms music session or help them become graceful ballerinas in Children's Ballet.

This season, Green Street will host the Sunday Salon Discussion series of stimulating lectures that touch upon a wide variety of issues and interests. From politics to pop music, the Queer Arts Series will be addressing many pertinent topics that the queer community faces today. Join in the discussion about the ethics of stem cell research or discover the parallels between Yiddish and Anglo-American folk music at one of our Sunday Salons. Click here to view all our classes and events this spring.

All classes and events are held at Green Street Arts Center located at 51 Green Street in Middletown. For more information or to register call 860-685-7871, click here, or visit

We'd love for you to stop by and register in person! Green Street will be open:
Thursday, 2/17 9am-8pm
Friday, 2/18 9am-5pm
Saturday, 2/19 10am-3pm.

Green Street Arts Center of Wesleyan University is a vibrant arts education center committed to serving the community. Located at 51 Green Street, Green Street has served over 20,000 people since opening in 2005. GSAC offers a variety of workshops, classes, and events that explore international and local topics and cultures. Green Street enables people from all walks of life to come together and learn more about our world, while respecting who we are as individuals.

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