Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CMI starts off 2011 with a some joyful noise!

On January 29th 2011, the sounds of pirate voices, stomping, clapping, and rowdy singing echoed through the halls of Green Street. What could it be? Well, the Community Music Initiative of course!

CMI is back, with participatory music events every other Saturday through May. Our first event this year was a great success, with many new participants and a core of experienced community members, performing, volunteering, and making music. There was a special appearance by two of the Fiddle Kids, several energetic music games, a delicious potluck, and a joyful singing session focusing on call and answer songs, from gospel to kids’ songs to sea shanties (which is when the pirate voices happened).

Some photos of the awesome Fiddle Kids from Buru Style’s holiday concert in December. Aidan and Dermot (left) performed on January 29th and Ani, Alana, Ivan, and Nora (right) will be performing at a CMI event in the next month – stay tuned!

The next event! Please join us this Saturday (February 12th) for an exciting workshop by Dennis Waring, part-time Middletown resident and much respected musician and teacher. Dennis will be sharing his beautiful instruments with us and teaching about music from Africa, Latin America, and Folk USA.

All CMI Saturday events run from 10:30am-1pm at the Green Street Arts Center. Bring yourselves, your friends, and a little something for lunch.

Please contact NEAT anytime (860 346 4845) or email program coordinator Emily (emily@neatmiddletown.com). We’d love to hear from you.

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