Thursday, February 17, 2011

Around the world in 45 minutes! Courtesy of Dennis Waring.

At the end of our session last Saturday, Rakesh asked me “how long do you think it took to travel around the world and get all those instruments? Do you think he did it in 80 days?” Our workshop leader Dennis brought instruments from Africa, Cuba, and folk USA - I’m pretty sure it’s taken him his whole lifetime to collect them and learn about them! On Saturday, we were lucky enough to have him share his knowledge, his instruments, and his enthusiasm with us.

Dennis Waring – demonstrating!

We sang, we danced, and we got to try a whole lot of cool percussion. Best of all, we got to see how music from different countries can be closely connected – even when those places are oceans apart.

Latin band – check out the maracas and the claves!

Our next event is February 26th 10:30-1:00 at the Green Street Arts Center. The workshop will be on Song-dances from Folk USA! Come learn some fun group dances that have been around FOREVER in our very own U.S.ofA. Bring your singing voices and your stomping feet… and a little something for the potluck lunch.

For more info on CMI in general, please take a look at our page on the NEAT website:

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