Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rhyme Time at Community Music

This week at Community Music we sure had a fine time – making rhymes with
Andrew Fogliano! Caribou got stuck in the goo, Fred ate some bread, everybody did
the Green Street dance (which includes, but is not limited to: stomping, clapping,
wiggling, and making caribou ears with your hands).

There was also some dancing to lovely fiddle tunes during our performance time.
What a treat!

After lunch, we had our first ever Instrument Share – and got to try accordians,
melodicas, piano, and strumsticks. Bonus question: what is the common feature of
all but one of these instruments?

NEXT time we’re having a Campfire Sing – so bring your flashlights and your ghost
stories to share.

The Campfire Sing is on April 30th, 10:30-1 at Green Street.
Our break between events is one week longer than usual.

Mark your calendars! Hope to see you there!

Bonus answer: melodicas, accordians, and pianos ALL have a keyboard! On the
melodica, you blow to make the sound. On the accordian, you pull the bellows apart.
And on the piano, just press the keys.

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