Monday, April 18, 2011

Mothers & Fathers Day Diaper Appeal

Honor Your Mother or Father and Help Babies in Middlesex County Stay Healthy and Happy!

Dear friends,

Thousands of babies in Middlesex County live in families too poor to buy enough disposable diapers to diaper them properly. Healthy babies need clean diapers to avoid diaper rash and other conditions that lead to poor health, behaviors and outcomes. Day care centers require disposable diapers...but food stamps and other programs do not cover diapers. And most laundromats do not allow cloth diapers to be washed in their facilities. Food comes first, so diapers, so necessary to prevent infection, discomfort and major illnesses, often are left on the store shelf.

Through the efforts of the Middlesex Diaper Committee, Middlesex County is now a service area of The Diaper Bank. The Diaper Bank is the most cost-effective way to provide diapers to families in need of them. Last month The Diaper Bank began distributing 120,000 diapers a year through Maternal & Child Health Programs at Middlesex Hospital, Early Head Start, Even Start at Middletown Adult Education and the Family Wellness Center at the Community Health Center.

To continue our wonderful partnership with the Diaper Bank, we need to raise $25,000. We hope you will help.

For a timely gift of $25 or more, we will send your special person a lovely card in time for Mothers or Fathers Day, in your name. Just think, your gift to The Diaper Bank/Middlesex County can honor the person most important to you and help provide diapers to the most vulnerable families right here in our community.

Please read the flyer below for more information and use the reply form to help..or you may contribute on line at and write in "Middlesex County" in the designation box.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration to promote wellness in our community.
Most Sincerely,

Patti Anne Vassia
Chair Middlesex Diaper Committee

For more information on how to donate click here.

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