Thursday, March 31, 2011

Janis Astor del Valle returns to Green Street

Becoming Joaquin
Theater Performance

by Janis Astor Del Valle
April 1 | 8pm
Tickets: $20 Patron; $15 Regular; $10 Member
Call to reserve: 860-685-7871

Becoming Joaquin, written and performed by Astor del Valle, is a one-person play about the experience of being a transgendered Latino. Astor believes her play offers an excellent opportunity to bring together diverse groups to spark meaningful discourse about identity and foster understanding of the transgender experience; Becoming Joaquin is a don't-miss event. Read more about Janis’ experiences at our blog.

Call 860-685-7871 or email to reserve your ticket. Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook.

Playwriting Workshop
Instructor: Janis Astor del Valle
April 2 | 1-3pm
Regular Price: $30; Member: $24

Delve in to writing your own show. A playwright, instructor, and performer, Astor focuses on the writing and performative processes involved in creating an experience-based piece.

Call 860-685-7871 or email to register.

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