Thursday, March 31, 2011

Community Music is Marching into Spring!

This Saturday, the room rocked (literally) as we marched in the spring sunlight. Our feet and our drums beat time, we played loud and soft, and made some powerful music. Big thanks to Bill Carbone for leading the drum troops!

Other CMI achievements so far in 2011:

some seriously awesome air guitar playing

… and rocking out to “I love rock and roll!”

Singing in harmony for the first time! (sorry no photos, we needed every voice in the room to be singing with us)

Playing a theremin …

What’s that?

Eating delicious community-made lunches (no photos, we were too busy eating)

Performances of the Donkey Song on fiddle…

… and the Harry Potter Theme Song on piano!

Our next events are on April 9th, April 30th, and May 14th… and stay tuned for the summer! All events are 10:30-1 at the Green Street Arts Center (51 Green Street).

On April 9th we have Andrew Fogliano returning with a workshop called “A Fine Time to Rhyme”. Come learn some rhyming songs and even make up your own!

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