Thursday, December 25, 2008

North End Stories: Joanne Krekian & Sue Aranoff

Joanne Krekian and Sue Aranoff are North End residents and members of the Erin St. Garden. They found each other at the garden and grew a lasting friendship.

Joanne had lived in the North End for 10 years and Sue had just moved in. Neither of them knew her neighbors, but they struck up a conversation on NEAT’s annual Earth Day clean up. Since that chance meeting, Sue and Joanne have spent many days together
at the garden, planting, staking tomatoes, watering, and sharing meals made from their hard earned harvest. Both Joanne and Sue agree that the garden has changed their lives. Joanne no longer feels isolated in her apartment but now has many friends within walking distance that she met through NEAT.

Sue has also met several people from the neighborhood that have changed her life. The Erin Street community garden is a perfect example a simple idea. Neighbors coming together to create a better community. At any given time during the summer, one can see folks tilling the land, kids listening to African drumming, children making scarecrows, people walking their dogs or simply sitting on one of the benches enjoying the perennial garden. So often we go on with our day to day lives without even realizing the resources and support we may have next door. The Erin Street Community garden makes one realize.

“Living one block from someone you enjoy spending time with is about the greatest thing. Since meeting Sue and working in the garden, I have also met many other neighbors who I consider friends as well. The garden as a meeting place and the experience of sharing my vegetables with neighbors has made me feel more a part of my neighborhood than ever before (and I lived her 10 years )! Really, because I joined the garden, I never feel isolated I know, I can walk one block and be welcomed.”

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