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NEAT’s job is to help the North End find its voice.
And few things are a better expression of that voice than a vote.

Leading up to this election, NEAT’s youth leadership group the Teen Dreams Society worked hard to register voters and educate people about the issues, the candidates and the importance of their participation. And this year alone, voter registrations increased in the North End by 40%, drastically increasing the neighborhood’s voice and emphasizing the value of civic participation.

On Election Day, NEAT volunteers manned a table at Macdonough School, the North End’s only polling place, and talked to hundreds of people, many of them first time voters. NEAT showed them a sample ballot and made sure they understood the referendum questions, the different offices and how the new voting machines worked. We helped bring out numbers of voters, but we also helped them make an educated vote.

It’s just one of the ways that NEAT is active in the North End, connecting residents with the institutions around them and empowering them to take more active community roles. Your dollars help to fund many programs that reach all types of people all around the neighborhood.

This year NEAT has:

*Hiked up Mt. Monadnock with 18 North End kids.
*Established a relationship with Macdonough School and worked along-side parents and teachers to keep the school open
*Maintained a monthly hot spot list and worked with the city to create a new code-enforcement ordinance
*Hosted Community Conversations on issues such as: Miller/Bridge Street Safety, Homeownership Preparation, Youth Issues,Community/School Partnerships, Civic Participation Education; an average of 70 people attended each
*Advocated on behalf of Portland St./ Miller & Bridge St.
*Maintained a Community Policing and Code Enforcement partnership with the city and other North End Stakeholders
*Started a North End Quilting Club
*Hosted workshops (in partnership with GSAC) on Homeownership Preparation & Credit Counseling, Computer Basics & Financial Aid (FAFSA). This year, 35 people graduated and are more prepared to own a home.
*Worked with Harding Development & Nehemiah Housing Corp. on the Liberty Square Project and North End Housing Revitalization
*Encouraged economic development in the North End
*Hosted five Arts in the Garden workshops with GSAC at both the Arts Center and at NEAT’s Erin Street Community Garden
*Encouraged Leadership Development among NEAT members, sent one NEAT member to a training in Boston.
*Graduated! Tierra Gaskins, Rohanna Powell & Dylan Hansen graduated from High School. Tierra and Rohanna are in college now.
*Worked closely with Wharfside Commons to engage new residents
*Helped North End kids go to Camp Ingersoll, The Green Street Arts Center, Oddfellows Playhouse, YMCA Swim Lessons
*The Garden Committee established new plots and was the focus of this year’s summer Homeroom camp, which serves North End families
*Hosted North End Pride Clean-up Days
*Moved Office to a more accessible Main Street location
*Launched a Voter Registration and Voter Education Drive along with NEAT’s new youth group, the Teen Dreams Society
*Had a record number of participants at meeting & Events
*Improved NEAT’s outreach infrastructure to include a bigger email list, a North End blog and an improved website (check it out! &
*Increased Fundraising
*Become a better resource for residents
*Increased partnerships with the City of Middletown and others

As you can see, NEAT is making a difference. During these difficult economic times, we need your support more than ever. Your donation will help us to keep our forward momentum. Please give generously.

Thank You,
Pam Wahl
Chair of Fundraising Committee

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