Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NEAT's Schools Committee Meeting

NEAT's Schools Committee had its third monthly meeting Wednesday night with great participation from parents and community members from different areas of the neighborhood and with different stakes in the success of our schools. After having guests at our last two meetings, (Shiela Daniels from the Board Of Education in October and Moody's Principal Yolande Eldridge in November) we structured the meeting around creating goals for the group, both short and long term. One common goal of the group is to gather and share current information about school policy, especially special education policy. With that goal in mind, many members plan to attend a special education workshop in January that is open to the public (more information will follow soon). Another goal is to give a collective voice to families and children to better advocate for improvements in the public school experience for all North End families. The group also felt that keeping current on Middletown Board of Education policies and ensuring that the North End's interests are met was an important goal. To that end, representatives from the school's committee will attend Board of Education monthly meetings and report on Middletown policies that will directly effect the North End, such as the district improvement plan and redistricting efforts.
The school's committee meets monthly and is open to all NEAT members with an interest in having good schools for the children in our neighborhood. The next meeting will be Jan 7th at 7pm at the NEAT office. Please call Alicia at the NEAT office if you have any questions, 346-4845.

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