Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well Worth Saving...

It's been a whirlwind year for Macdonough Elementary School, the North End's main school for K-5. Earlier this year, budget problems faced the school board, and teachers, parents and neighborhood leaders fought successfully to keep the school open. Now, we have more cause to celebrate.

ConnCAN, a non-profit organization, and leader in the field of education has named Macdonough to be the third most improved schools in the state. The 2008 CMT scores showed an average of 21% increase in students "at goal" across the board. Also, ConnCAN highlights 10 schools state-wide as "success stories", with a video and spotlight on their website, and Macdonough was chosen for this honor, as well. The video will be filmed in the coming weekse.

Just a few years ago, Macdonough struggled to keep pace within the district. Now, it is in line with the district and state averages in math and reading and exceeds them in writing. The school has new leadership, dedicated teachers and a community that believes it can succeed. 

Congratulations to Teachers, Staff, Students, Parents and community members for proving that this school is well worth saving. 

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