Monday, September 15, 2008

NEAT's Schools Committee

The Schools Committee is a place where we can work together to make positive changes for North End families with in Middletown Schools. Come discuss any problems that you and your family may have with your school and the school experience with other families just like you.

As a committee we will:

• Create a place to share your experiences and find out what the education issues are for North End families

• Attend Middletown Board of Education Meetings to be sure we are up to date about BOE issues and show that we want to be involved with policy decisions

• Support local allies with in the schools, including teachers, community advocates, and Board of Education members who advocate for positive policies for North End parents

• Work to find real solutions to these issues and advocate for ourselves, our families, and our neighborhood so necessary changes are made and our solution can be successful

• Join and support your school’s PTA.

If you are interested in better education and better school experiences for North End families, please sign up for this committee. For more information or to sign up, call the NEAT office at 346-4845 or email Alicia at

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