Friday, February 10, 2012

Meet the North End Glee Club!

If you happen to pass by the NEAT office on a Monday evening, you may be lucky enough to catch the North End Glee Club in the midst of rehearsal. You may hear Michael Jackson lyrics faintly through the window or observe some beginning choreography as the club puts together a new song.

Glee Club is a place for North End rock stars to make music together, work together on a well-rounded performance, and most of all, have fun with music they love.

The repertoire so far, includes:

“I want you back” – Michael Jackson

“I’ll be there” – Michael Jackson

“Pricetag” – Jessie J

*and many more to come!

The Glee Club will continue through the end of the school year – so stay tuned for performances near you! And a new session will begin mid-March with several open spots, so please refer interested 11-14 yr olds.

The Glee Club is a new part of the Community Music Initiative, providing participatory music-making in the North End neighborhood. See our website for more information.

Photos of rehearsals, and our very first performance - check out the MJ-inspired white gloves!

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