Monday, February 6, 2012


Attention High School Juniors and their Parents: Free SAT Prep Classes for qualifying students are available with Let's Get Ready! THERE IS STILL TIME TO SIGN UP! EVEN IF YOU MISS THE MAKE-UP DIAGNOSTIC YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE. You can use a prior PSAT score or do a take home test. So get ready, apply and take advantage of opportunity! To apply, click here to start the application.
Important Dates:

1. Make-up diagnostic = February 6 (location & time TBD)
2. Intro Session & Parent/Student Orientation = February 9 (location &
time TBD, but parents will be invited during normal class hours)
3. First official class = February 14

For more information and program details, contact Bobbye Knoll by phone at 860-346-4845, by email at or by dropping in during office hours from 10am-5pm.

***Seniors interested in retaking the SAT will be waitlisted and added depending on space availability. Apply if you are interested because there is a chance to get a seat in the class.***

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