Thursday, January 20, 2011

There is a parking ban beginning at 6 pm tonight


The City of Middletown has a snow ban in effect for this evening and tomorrow, please remember the following:
If your car is preventing the snow plows from properly cleaning the street, it will be ticketed and towed.

Also, as a reminder, city ordinance requires you to shovel any sidewalk in front of your property no later than 24 hours after a snowfall. Please be considerate of your neighbors and shovel and/or salt your sidewalk.

If you are unable to shovel because of physical limitations, please call NEAT and we may be able to find help for you.

Or, if you are a renter and your property owner is not clearing the sidewalks, please let NEAT know so that we may inform the city Sidewalk Inspector.

If you need off-street parking, you may park at the following municipal parking lots:

Corner of Washington/Broad St.(behind Kid City), Broad Street (across from Russell Library), Melilli Plaza (behind Main Street Market) and the lot on the north and south sides of Green Street (near the Green Street Arts Center and behid the Luis Lopez Herb Garden).

The City policy states that: "Parked vehicles of City streets must be removed by 12:00 pm. or run the risk of being towed by the Middletown Police at the owner's expense. If a vehicle is towed during the parking ban, you may claim the vehicle by contacting the Middletown Police Department at 860-347-6941. All payments, i.e., the ticket and towing chare, must be paid at the Police Department before a vehicle is released."

Thank you and enjoy the snow!

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