Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Skate Park in Town?

On Thursday, Oct. 14th at 6:30, NEAT will host a meeting at the Green Street Arts Center to talk with Park and Rec Department Director, Ray Santostefano about a current site plan for the new Willy Pep Park at the corner of Green St. and deKoven Dr.

The current plan includes a small skate/bmx park and will have space for passive recreation (community garden or something like it) and potentially a small play scape for younger children. If you have questions or concerns about the potential park, please come to the meeting to get answers.

From some experts: philosophy that should be considered.

"Skaters for Public Skateparks have been proponents of poured-in-place skateparks for years and believe that designing skate spaces that appeal to the wider public help illuminate the value and contribution of skateboarding youth. Landscape architects, community planners, and skaters are all aware of a new era in skatepark design. The spaces are more integrated, visually compelling, and structurally innovative. In recent years skatepark design has taken a dramatic turn toward architecturally arresting design. This shift has brought more people to the skateparks and has helped reestablish the skatepark as a prominent place to recreate, hang out, and develop skateboarding skills.

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