Thursday, October 14, 2010

Community Music takes Mtown by storm!

The Community Music Initiative has officially made its first splashes in Middletown with two successful music Saturdays! This new North End program is all about making music together – using music as a way to develop leadership, support our youth, encourage self-expression, and build community.

Active participation is the life of the program. A total of 17 people have volunteered officially in some way - as singing leaders, lunch organizers, set-up and clean-up workers, and performers. Everyone throws their full energy into the music as well. Our first workshop, on building drum kits from recycling, got the entire group spontaneously marching around the room. And at our singing workshop the next week, we had families swaying together as we sang “Lean on me” at the top of our lungs. Even outside the planned activities, community members can be found making music, like two youths who sat down at the piano during lunch to play together.

Our next event is October 23rd, and North End resident Bill Carbone will bring his fabulous drumming skills to get us started on a drum marching band. Saturday events are FREE and open to EVERYONE, no matter what age you are or how much musical experience you have. Join us!

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