Friday, November 7, 2008

Working the Polls at City Hall

My name is Rohanna Powell, and I work at the North End Action Team. This election was my first time voting, It had to be one of the most exciting things I have ever did.

I knew this election is going to bring a lot of change about, not just the fact that Barack Obama is the first African-American president. I did an absentee ballot and I was in a room by myself and I was still really excited.

I worked at City Hall yesterday to help with the absentee ballots, and I thought it would go by really slow, that I wouldn't have much to do. But we had our work cut out for us. There were so many people who came in the minute the doors opened at 6:00am and there were people there until 8:00pm.

It was really amazing and it made me feel really special that I help out at the polls and helped to get people's vote out.

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