Friday, November 7, 2008

Voters from Middletown's North End Exercise Their Right to Vote

Here is a pretty cool slide show featuring Middletown residents from the city's north end neighborhood who took part in yesterday's election. I received these images from Izzi Greenberg, executive director of the North End Action Team (NEAT), which was very instrumental in registering many Middletown voters in time for this year's election, and also operated an informational booth outside the polls at Macdonough School yesterday.

Please take a minute to view the slide show, the people featured seem so excited and proud to be participating in this year's election!

When I visted Macdonough yesterday to talk with voters, Izzi told me that the NEAT table, which provided information on how to use the voting machines, a list of the candidates that were runnning and explanations on Questions 1 and 2 regarding the Constitutional Convention and 17-year-old voters, was well visited throughout the day.

"We wanted to make sure the neighborhood has an educated vote," Izzi said yesterday. "So we set up this table and it has been amazing!"

Right up to election day, Middletown voters, many of them first-timer voters, were calling NEAT headquarters with all kinds of election-related questions, said Izzi.

I'm so glad there are organizations out there like NEAT, who are available to help people to become part of this important process. So many of us take voting for granted. I hope all these new voters will continue to use their new-found voting power at every election, so they can really have a say in who makes the decisions in Middletown.

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