Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Website and Blog

NEAT is trying to expand out outreach abilities and get information out to as many people in as many ways possible. To that end, we now have a new, updated website, created by North End resident and web designer, Carole Phelan. While almost everything that we do is a work-in progress, this new website is much more user-friendly and hopefully allows visitors to quickly access information about NEAT's programs and initiatives. NEAT's website is

But, a website doesn't easily lend itself to conversation and narration, so we've created a NEAT blog, the North End News to give people access to the day-to-day goings on of our organization and the North End in general. We are looking for submissions. If you would like to post something about your section of the North End, an update, an event, a history, or even a profile of a North End resident, please email it to me at and write BLOG in the subject line. The more information we can collect, the more interesting it will be. The goal is to have a place to learn about this neighborhood and all of its variety. The blog address is : You're already here!

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