Friday, August 8, 2008

Hot Spots: August 6, 2008

Compiled by residents, property owners, retail staff, and stakeholders to inform municipal officials of conditions identified as chronic problems in the North End.


  • Positive collaboration and communication existing between NEAT and police personnel.
  • Playground at Green and deKoven is clean and seeded
  • City organized a meeting with Wharfside, NEAT and city representatives to begin dialogue
  • General improvements to living conditions on lower Grand St.


  • 85 Grand and 281 Pearl (site of recent fire) appear abandoned and overgrown. Trash is accumulating and weeds are becoming a hazard.
  • 11 Johnson St. also appears abandoned; neighbors have been keeping the lot clean.
  • 47 Ferry St.: suspicious activity behind the building. Possible prostitution, women going to the back for a few minutes, coming out again, possible drug activity.
  • Space between 56 Rapallo and 47/49 Rapallo and area behind building: possible drug activity/dealing.
  • Vandalism and unsupervised children at the playground behind Wharfside/GSAC. Fence is being taken apart and it is becoming unsafe.
  • Continued reports of problems at the intersections of Liberty and Pearl and Frazier and Liberty. A lot of drug activity and presence of loitering all day and night. From High and Liberty all the way down to Main St. Prostitution reported at Frazier and Liberty.
  • Possible drug activity at 105 Liberty.
  • Continued problem with garbage at 48 Liberty St.: improper storage and litter on ground.
  • 40 Ferry St.: repeated noise in late evening hours
  • Parking lot/Fire Lane at the top of Ferry Street: people selling out of car trunks, illegal parking (can signs be put up?), noise
  • Reports of continued presence of prostitution in Liberty/Frazier area.
  • Constant litter outside of Aresco’s Market. Can trash cans be put there?

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