Friday, July 18, 2008

North End Mexican Food!

So, it looks like the North End is becoming Middletown's capital for inexpensive, family-owner, tasty, low-key ethnic food. I tried the new restaurant, Iguanas Ranas today, and it was good. (sorry to sound like a food critic, here, but I have to give you reason to go!)
Let's start with dessert first. They have flan, and that is enough for me. I had a delicious barbacoa (slowly cooked beef) taco, which was really good. Mostly, I like that this restaurant offers your no-so-American Mexican food. There are interesting things on the menu, like rice & egg tacos or choriso gorditas and really familiar things like hot dogs and french fries for unadventurous, under 10 set.

The service was friendly and approachable. Overall, it is worth trying out.

Between Pho Mai (right next door) and Iguanas Ranas, our neighborhood has some really tasty food!

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northendnative said...

i have been going there every day since it open two weeks ago. the food is great and pocket friendly. I have talk to the owners Polo and Angelica, who always have a smile on their faces an are always more than happy to come and talk to you about the method of preparation, i DO recomend this place if you are looking for a fast healthy meal.