Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Middletown Parking Study

For the last year, the Downtown Parking Study has been meeting to discuss parking problems in Middletown. I have sat on that committee and experienced more conversation about parking than I ever hope to have again! We met over 25 times and came up with some concrete solutions to downtown's parking problems. There were many proposed solutions and many compromises made, and in the end, a report has been created. The findings of the committee and study will be presented to the Middletown Common Council on August 4th from 6:00-7:00 pm.

The committee will be recommending efficient ways to use the federally earmarked $19 million dollars in parking money. While the committee did find that there is an extreme need for parking in the North End, none of this money will be used to improve the parking problems in the North End (because of a complicated restrictions on the money: please call if you want me to explain it to you, it's too much to write!) so NEAT members should 1) come to this workshop and hear how this important Middletown money will be used and 2) in the coming months, be diligent and insistent that the findings of the committee are acted upon. We need parking on this side of town, and we need to help the city find creative ways to make that happen outside of this $19 million dollars. Remember, the North End will be ignored if we don't show up.

Click here to be directed to the City of MiddletownParking Study info.

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