Tuesday, November 26, 2013

North End Action Team Advisory Board 2014 - Slate of candidates.

The North End Action Team Advisory Board for 2014 will be elected at our December 4th meeting. The meeting will be held at 7 pm at the Green Street Arts Center. All North End residents and supporters are encouraged to attend the meeting and vote on the slate. 

The December NEAT meeting is also our holiday meeting. If you are able - bring a dish or dessert to share and come celebrate the holidays with your friends and neighbors. 

Advisory Board members continuing terms in 2014

Steven Kovach - NEAT/Board President
Michael Taylor - Treasurer
Marc Petterson (Mac 650)
Gary Wallace (MPD)
Cookie Quinones 
Cathy Lechowicz
Rob Rosenthal 

Potential new Advisory Board members:

Jimmy Brackett 
Yasemin Kuytu 
Arlene Lazo 
Marilyn Dunkley 
Ryan Cayer 

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Unknown said...

Please note: Alison Cleary has been added to the list of candidates.