Friday, July 9, 2010


Jonah Center WRAP Energy Services

In order to promote WRAP home energy services, the Jonah Center for Earth and Art, with the support of a grant from the Liberty Bank Foundation, will pay bonus payments of $25 each to anyone who obtains and submits through the Jonah Center or NEAT a qualifying Middletown resident’s application for WRAP energy services when that application results in a completed energy audit/services visit.

Here are the details:

WRAP services are offered to renters and homeowners who have a CL& P account AND whose income is below 60% of the state median. (See guidelines below.)

WRAP services lower annual energy costs by approx. $200, by sealing leaky windows, installing new light bulbs, and other measures. In some cases, the program will add insulation or replace an old, inefficient refrigerator or other appliance.

Individuals are eligible to receive a $25 payment for signing up their own household, but only after they have recruited at least 1 other qualifying household to participate. For example, if you sign up yourself and another household, you will get 2 bonus payments, or $50. You are then eligible for an additional $25 payment for each additional qualifying audit application you obtain.

Funding exists for a total of 40 bonus payments of $25 each. The bonuses will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and be discontinued after the funding is exhausted.

Bonus payments will be paid only after the audits are successfully completed. If the household named on the application does not qualify or does not follow through and allow the service to take place, no bonus payment will be made.

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