Friday, April 9, 2010

School Redistricting Update

Last night, the Board of Education voted to approve the redistricting plan as recommended. For the Fall, 2010, they will be changing the attendance boundaries for all schools in Middletown.

How will this affect the North End? All students who currently attend Moody School will be moving to either Macdonough or Farm Hill for the upcoming school year. Children on Grand St, Miller St, Bridge St and Portland St will be attending Macdonough. Children who live on Main St, Rapallo Ave, DeKoven Dr, Ferry St and Green St. will be attending Farm Hill School, one of three schools that serves Middletown's downtown. Additionally, students who currently attend Macdonough, but live on Newfield St, Stoneycrest or Rose Circle will sadly be leaving Macdonough to attend Spencer School. Macdonough will also be welcoming new families from both Farm Hill and Snow School, all of whom live in the downtown area.

The board also voted to give children who are going into the 5th grade the option to stay at their old school to finish their 5th grade year. If you have a child that is currently in 4th grade and you are on a street that is set to move, you must inform the school of your choice by May 15th or you will automatically be placed at the new school.

NEAT has invited the principals of both Farm Hill and Macdonough to a North End "open house" to offer a chance for families that were at Moody school to meet their new principal. We're hoping to host it in place of the NEAT meeting on May 12th, but are still checking schedules. We'll let you know once a date is finalized.

You can see the detailed map of the new attendance boundaries if you click here.

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