Tuesday, April 28, 2009

North End Clean Up a Success

It was a great day in the North End on Saturday where 150 people volunteered to do some spring cleaning. There were volunteers from the NEAT/Wesleyan Mentoring Program, Earth Ministries out of First Church, the Middletown Garden Club, and a group of youth doing a "30 Hour Famine" from East Hampton and Haddam. There were also other individuals from Middletown who came in to lend a hand as individuals. Residents got a chance to work alongside Dan Drew, who is running for Mayor this year, and Councilman Santangelo, who is a North End resident. Even the kids had fun working alongside the principal from Macdonough School, Jon Romeo, who spent hours helping out at the Erin Street Garden.

Most importantly, though, were the many residents who organized the day, spread the word to their neighbors, and went door to door, helping to clean the sidewalks and yards of their neighbors. It was a great event that helped the community, but more importantly, helped to build community.

Here's a slideshow of some of the people that were out that day. I'm sorry I didn't make it to all corners of the neighborhood with my camera....there were some great scenes to be seen...

A big thanks to Sherwin Williams Paint in Cromwell for donating supplies, to Kim O'Rourke and the City of Middletown for picking up the extra trash and helping with logistics, to Dominoes, Sammy's Pizza, Alpha Pizza House, and Jerry's for donating Pizza for the Lunch, and to all of those who came out to help.

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David Price said...

Althought he northend Clean up May have been a sucess, I as a northend resident and neighbor to the Greenstreet Atrs center was a bit disturbed by the gathering the evening prior to the clean up. An number of people who's identities are unknown were congragating in the parkinglot of the Arts center. late into the morning hours disturbing the peace of Area tenants in Wharfide Commons. One of who I am. As a Single father and a disabled American I really did not appreciate individuals that were talking loudly into the early hours and confessing the levels of intoxication that they had acheived. this was pointed out to me by my 16 year old daughter, Who suffers from a blood clot in her leg and was kept awake for some lenght of time due to this unnessesary disturbance! I do not know the individuals that are responsible for this late nite gathering at the Green Streets arts Center But I will and Intend to file formal complaint and possible charges against the Arts Center should any kind of behavior of this magnitude ever occur again!

David M. Price
(lifelong Resident of the North End)