Friday, May 30, 2008

NEAT's President in the Adult Ed Newsletter

An Adult Ed Success Story

(reprinted from the Middletown Adult Ed Newsletter, April, 2008)
Maritza Quinones has always held education as a priority in her life. Though born in Puerto Rico, she has lived in Middletown for the past twenty-seven years. Her long-term goal has been to receive her high school diploma, go on to college, and receive a degree in social work.

Over the years, Maritza put her own education in the background in order to be sure her four children would receive the best education possible. She has three adult children who have successful careers, and a fourteen year old who is a semi-professional dancer. She plans to send him for an Arts degree to the University of Connecticut or Wesleyan University.

In addition to her devotion to her children, Maritza has immersed herself in the improvement of our community. For eighteen years, she was the First Cook at Lake Grove Juvenile Behavioral and Handicap Facility. She is the president of NEAT (North End Action Team) an organization to develop and improve the North End. She has recently been appointed to the Middletown Adult Education Student Advisory Board. Maritza also volunteers each afternoon at the Green Street Arts Center, where she is a leader for the after school program for children between ages seven and eighteen. Her selflessness, energy, commitment and good humor have gained her great respect from all in Middletown who know her.

Finally, Maritza’s personal educational dreams are about to become a reality. She is currently a student in the Adult Basic Education program at Middletown Adult Education. Within the near future, she will receive her high school diploma through completion of the External Diploma Program. She plans to go on to college to receive her degree in social work to be able to continue to help children in our community.

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