Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Community Music Continues!

Don’t miss these upcoming opportunities to make music with your family, friends, and neighbors:

May 14th – Community Music Saturday (last Saturday event this school year)

Julie Cook will be leading us in a musical playshop where we will improvise in a group, making up our very own music. As usual, the event will also include performances by music learners, a communal lunch, and music games to finish.

Green Street Arts Center, 10:30am-12am

May 30th

CMI and NEAT march in the Memorial Day Parade

Muster time is 9:30 at Macdonough School. Bring and NEAT or CMI t-shirt, or we’ll provide one. We’ll also have kazoos and drums, a giant banner, and lots of loud voices to sing with. Cross your fingers for good weather!

Macdonough School


June 11th – Open House day at Green Street

Community Music will be leading a singing circle as part of Green Street’s Open House. Come visit us and raise your voice in song! For more about Open House, call Green Street at 860 685 7871 or visit their website

Summer fun

Where is CMI over the summer?

1) leading field trips to great concerts around Middletown

2) hosting music-making before concerts at the NEAT evening markets

(July 19th, August 9th, and September 20th)

3) spontaneous music at North End Farmers Markets on Fridays


And next year?

Community Music has been fully funded for next year! Stay tuned for a complete description of all the awesome events and programming coming up.

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