Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Don't forget to vote! Tomorrow is Election Day and it is a very important

dist 1election. We will be deciding who represents us as the Governor, in Congress, Senate, State Senate and the State House of Representatives, among others. We will be choosing people who will really affect our day to day life. I urge you all to get out and vote!! IF you have any questions about candidates, how to use the voting machines or anything else, please contact the NEAT office.

As part of the North End votes campaign, we still need a few volunteers this week to help out. If you can help at the polls, please contact the NEAT office to sign up. A neighborhood that votes is empowered!!

We need people to:

1) take a shift at Macdonough School (the North End's only polling place) to hand out "North End Votes" stickers and to answer questions (don't worry, we'll give you cheat sheets!)

2) offer to walk or drive your neighbors to the polls, or call NEAT if you know of a neighbor who needs a ride.

But, most importantly, VOTE! We hope to see you at Macdonough Tomorrow. (use the side entrance on Pease Ave. and don't forget your ID)
Not sure who to vote for? Check out these websites:

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