Saturday, February 13, 2010

College Bound Mentoring Program/Free SAT Prep

NEAT is starting a College Mentoring program and we're looking for high school Juniors. As part of the program, we'll be hosting, in partnership with Wesleyan's Upward Bound program, a FREE 8 week SAT Prep course that will help students increase their scores on the SAT. Additionally, students can opt in to the college mentoring program and have help with the college application process. Call or email NEAT for more information. 860-346-4845 or

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New York SAT Test Prep said...

It's good that you're offering such a educational gift as a free 8 week SAT prep course. There's nothing more rewarding than aiding students achieve higher scores. 200 points makes all the difference whether a student can get accepted to their 1st college choice in accordance to their 2nd or 3rd choice.