Thursday, May 14, 2009


Tonight, Friday, May 15th, we will be hosting a very fun, very informal basketball tournament at the park. This isn't about impressing people with your skill, it's about having fun with your neighbors. So, bring a friend, a kid, a spouse.

Walk on down to the park. Play some b-ball. Eat a hot dog, we'll be cooking out. Bring a blanket and just lie out in the grass. This is a time for fun.

Over the last few years, NEAT has become involved in issues around Donovan Park (click here for directions). Something that has come up over and over again is that people just need to USE the park more. So here's your chance. If you want to sign up, though, email neat ( or call 346-4845.

We'll take any single person and put you on a team, or you could sign up as a team of three. Any age, size, gender-- anyone. C'mon North Enders (and everyone else!), we need to start enjoying this amazing space in the middle of our neighborhood!

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