Wednesday, June 4, 2008

HOT SPOTS: June 2008

The monthly hot spots report is a compilation of any areas of concern regarding public safety, sanitation, building code, traffic, drug activity, etc., and is compiled by residents, property owners, retail staff, and stakeholders to inform municipal officials of conditions identified as chronic problems in the North End. 

The N.E. Community Policing and Code Enforcement meeting takes place the first Wednesday of the month at the Green Street Arts Center. Anyone is welcome to attend. This report is passed on to the  appropriate city officials so that they can investigate and take action.  All reports are confidential. If you see an emergency or crime in progress please call police immediately.


Good news on funding for homeownership plan on Ferry, Green, and Rapallo


  • Macdonough School playground issues continue to escalate.  Afterschool personnel from YMCA have felt targeted.  Staff is reluctant to press charges due to concerns about personal safety.  NEAT has requested a collaborative approach to creating solutions for this problem including but not limited to Macdonough staff, YMCA Kids Corner staff, parent rep, NEAT, Park & Rec, police, city.
  • Second house on east side of Frazier has suspicious activity.  Reports of alleged drug activity have been received.
  • Continued reports of drug activity, loitering, intimidation of residents continues to be reported in the area around Arescos Market.  Residents on the west side of Main are increasingly frustrated with this situation.
  • 22 Portland Street continues to be a problem.  Reports of drug activity in the parking lot at that property.
  • 20 Portland Street has conditions of blight.
  • Reports of suspected drug activity in the lower Ferry area between abandoned playground and Nehemiah Housing.  Nehemiah staff has not identified any of its tenants as being involved.
  • 11 Rapallo Avenue has suspected drug activity.
  • 45-50 Green has been reported with suspected drug activity


·        Continue to maintain a community policing presence in the neighborhood including foot patrols during all shifts

·        Create a plan to stem problems at the city playground at Macdonough

·        Replant and beautify the abandoned playground at lower Ferry.  This area may become the site of further housing redevelopment but, in the meantime, it should not be allowed to become overgrown and unattractive.

·        Continue to maintain attention to detail with respect to building/health code enforcement

·        Follow-up on Pat McMahon’s suggestion of holding a meeting with NEAT to review and discuss means to continue to develop positive communications between neighborhood and police. 

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